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Trunk SIP

01. Our offer

Trunk SIP

Take a step towards VOIP telephony.

Our solution of SIP Trunking allows access to an advanced administrative interface, the routing of telephone communications through an IP link, the transfer of calls (NDI or SDA) and to services security.

Choose your SIP trunks, keep your phone numbers under control and save money!

Without initial investment, your SIP trunk will be programmed according to the volume of incoming/outcoming phone traffic and the number of simultaneous communications required.

Monthly savings on SDA and line rental.

Thanks to the linked monthly invoice, your number of lines significantly decreases with SIP trunking. The cost of SDA is way cheaper.

Lower the cost of each call

Enjoy preferential rates thanks to our associated partners and providers.

A better customer service

Provide better customer service by adding geographic and international numbers. Building on your SIP trunk with numbers arriving to you IPBX you will be able to offer more options to your customers at reduced rates. Decrease difficulties and improve your sales.

Same number kept when relocation

SIP trunks are not linked to a geographic spot: therefore, it is easy to relocate without advising your customers. It is no longer necessary to pay to transfer calls to your new office space.

Advantages of a modern IPBX

Modern IPBX / unified communication solutions bring you better productivity, mobility and an increase in sales.


It is easy to add lines to your SIP trunk to compensate an increasing need.

Change the number of calls

With SIP trunk you can easily change to choose the required number of calls.

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