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Network building

01. Our offer

Network building

A customised project.

Discover our solutions of migration, installation and evolution of your IT infrastructure, created according to your projects and needs.

ASII guides you through creation, configuration, management and maintenance of your customised network adapted to your needs.

  • 01. Architecture audit of your computer park

  • 02. Advise and sale of network falicity

  • 03. Installation and configuration of servers and posts

  • 04. Access configuration and security

  • 05. Proxy configuration/multisite networks

  • 06. Mail management/exchange

  • 07. Windows/linux servers configuration

  • 08. Network Ready


Understand your network

It happens a lot that due to socket addition, providers changes for cable management, new equipment or even moving out, the main area lacks of organisation and following the cables and managing wiring and junction patterns are being very complicated.


Considerate user’s needs

Whether your offices extend on many floors or buildings, our installations of optic bypass adapt to all type of infrastructure. The goal is to stabilise your network by identifying the best possible solution.


Technical and aesthetic constraint

Network wiring that serves clients go through raceways, false ceilings, holes or even raised floors. It is essential that they are tested, organised, labelled and referenced in order to improve evolution and maintenance while preserving the aesthetic of the premises.


A team to support you

An IT layout or rehabilitation project of your premises implies different issues such as specialists’ coordination, annoyance limitation but mostly project management and planning compliance.

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